SAP releases SAP HANA SP6

SAP AG LOGOThe software vendor SAP released a major update of SAP HANA. Now, the database platform HANA is available including the latest innovations in service pack 6 (SP6).

SAP HANA is a completely re-imagined platform that transforms transactions, analytics, predictive and text sentiment processing so that businesses can operate in real-time. Savero took a quick look into the new version of SAP HANA (SP6) providing an overview of the new key features.

1. CRUD Options on OData Services

Now it is possible to use the standardized OData services not only for accessing data in read-only mode. Now, full CRUD capabilities (create, read, update, delete) exists. Thus, it is very easy to get access to data by using a standardized REST-ful webservice with OData.

2. Web Development Environment (IDE) / Browser Based IDEs

In addition to the Eclipse-based SAP HANA Studio, it is now possible to develop right out of the browser or even by using mobile devices on the go. Changes are directly updated within the catalog of the server.

3. XSJS Outbound Connectivity

With SAP HANA SP6 it is very easy to add other sources to your application. Now, it is possible to easily create mashups by accessing existing webservices and thus enrich your application by using external data.


The developer guide for SAP HANA service pack 6 (SP6) can be downloaded as PDF by following this link: SAP HANA Developer Guide Download.

If you are looking for a testdrive of SAP HANA, SAP offers the possibility to get a 30 day free cloud instance of a SAP HANA system provided by cloudshare.



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